Why is My Epson Printer Offline Windows 10 and Mac

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Mpdriv.com – There are some issues with Epson printers and will display offline notification messages on Windows 10 and Mac computer screens. That’s a warning that your printer can’t print the document until you fix the error so that the printer comes back online. The first reason why Epson printers are offline and most common is hardware corruption and software corruption such as not updating the latest drivers (updates). When the printer driver expires, the printer stops printing and starts displaying an “Offline” message. If the hardware is damaged, the solution is to bring the Epson printer to the service place to repair or replace the old printer with a new one.


Why is My Epson Printer Offline Windows 10 and Mac?

Common in case of offline Epson printer errors on Windows-based computers/laptop is the check of the option “Use Printer Offline”. On Windows devices, active checkmark on the option uses offline printers, that’s the reason why Epson Printers Offline. If the Epson Printer cannot print correctly, follow these steps below:

Fix Epson Offline Printer Error In Windows 10

  • Reboot the Epson printer and wait for the boot process to complete.


  • Check that Epson printers are plugged into the computer correctly and also check if they have a connection to the network.

  • Press and open the start menu and open the Run Dialog box and type Control Panel.


  • After that select and Click on “Devices and Printers“. A list of printers is displayed.

  • Then Right-click on the Epson printer and select “See What’s Printing“.


  • Click on the printer, then uncheck “Use Printer Offline“. Now the Epson printer is set to online.


After all the above steps have been stiffened epson printer offline error Will be fixed and will be back online.

Update Epson Printer Driver

Epson “Printer Offline” problem can not be resolved, then you should check the printer driver whether it has been updated or not. If there is an update available for the driver, then you should update it immediately as an offline printer repair.

Fix Epson Offline Printer Error on Mac

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Epson offline mac printers:

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  • Send Ping

Connect your Mac device to the same network as the printer, after trying to ping the printer. If your MacBook pings successfully, try printing the document. If the printout is successful, the problem is resolved, otherwise continue the next step.

  • Re-Add the Printer

If the epson printer is still in offline mode on a Mac computer, the device from the printer is either disconnected. This is how it can be misplaced from your Mac.

  1. open “System Utility
  2. Click the “Printer” option
  3. In the list, it will be displayed “Epson Printer“, select it and click on it followed by pressing the icon () given at the bottom
  4. Wait until your printer process is complete and click the (+) icon
  5. Find your printer now and once it’s found, add it to your MacBook

Update your Epson Printer Driver

If the “Printer offline” issue is not resolved as well, then you should double-check the printer driver whether it has been updated or not. If an update is already made available for the driver, then you should get it as an offline printer repair.

If the epson printer offline problem is still not resolved, after trying all of the above steps, then you should contact the expert as a last resort to resolve the problem.

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