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Product Part Location

Product Part-Front

Here are some reviews of epson printer front product parts


  1. Rear Paper Feed
    * paper stocks, envelopes and other media into the rear paper supply slot.
    * Open the cover of the rear paper supply slot and swing the paper stand.
    * Slide the edge guide outwards.
    * Insert thick paper or media, printable sides facing up and short edges first, in the middle of the rear paper supply slot.
    * Push the thick paper or medium down until it encounters a resistance. About 2 inches (5 cm) of paper should be inserted into the printer.
    * When the printer is ready to print, press the start button.
  2. Paper Support
    Legal-sized paper suppliers support up to 60 pieces of legal size in back sheet suppliers for Epson B-300, B-310N, B-500DN, or B-510DN printers. easy to install on the printer’s back sheet supplier.
  3. Edge Guides
    Helps load paper straight. Adjust the left edge guide to fit the width of the printer paper. The scroll paper edge guide helps load the roll paper straight.
  4. Feeder Guard
    Front feeder guard, lift paper stand and extension. Then slide the edge guide against the paper, but don’t get too tight. After that turn the feeder protector back.
  5. Output Try
    * Raise the control panel completely.
    * Then open the front cover.
    * After that pull out the output tray until it stops.
  6. Paper Stopper
    * Slide the paper stopr towards the back of the cassette until the curve of the paper holder aligns with the back edge of the tape.
    * Remove the stopper extension lock on the paper stopper.
    * Insert the stopper extension lock into the hole in the paper stopper.
    * Press the stopper extension lock and slide the paper holder towards the back of the cassette to place the lock in place.

Product Part-Inside

Here are some reviews of the Inside Products section

  1. Document Cover
    Open the feeder protector, then insert the document cover vertically with a straight tab.
  2. Scanner Glass
    * Open the document cover.
    * Clean dust or stains from the scanner glass surface with a soft dry cloth.
    * Place your original face down on the scanner glass with the top facing the corner. Slide the original to the edge of the indicated angle about 0.05 inches (1.5 mm) from the corner mark on the scanner glass.
    * Carefully close the document cover so that your original remains in place and does not slide.
  3. Control Panel
    * Displays the items and settings you want to change with buttons in the control panel.

Product Part-Back

Here are some reviews of the returning product section


  1. Ac Inlet
    power requirements and a USB 2.0 for data cable between the device and the computer or laptop.
  2. USB Port
    To connect a printer product to a USB port on your computer, a USB cable is required to produce good results. If a USB port is not installed it may not be able to install or run the USB Printer Driver on a computer that does not have a USB port.

Here’s a quick review of Epson Printer Product Part Location for you to know before purchasing Epson printer products.

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