How To Fix A Paper Jam Epson Printers

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    USD 0 – How to fix Epson paper jam printer when the printer is turned on. On the monitor screen, you can see the error message “Paper Jam”. the simplest way to troubleshoot your bottleneck in Epson printers, and this is common with printers when you’re using a printer.


When the page that you printed does not exit correctly on the Epson printer (such as missing lines or uneven printouts), it is likely that the printer is in trouble. Below are some reviews for the problem of bottleneck paper on Epson printers.

Paper Bottleneck Problems in Epson Products

Follow these instructions to troubleshoot bottlenecks on Epson printers.

  • Cancel the printer print job, when a paper bottleneck occurs.
  • Then, remove the jammed paper on the tray of the rear paper supplier.
  • Hold and lift the scanner, take it and move all the paper inside.
  • Close the scanner again and follow the instructions on the LCD screen to remove any error message.

Paper Bottleneck Problem in Duplexer (Back Cover)

If the problem is paper jammed on the duplex, follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  • Stop all print jobs in the works.
  • remove the duplex (back cover).
  • Remove all jammed paper from the duplex (do not touch the paper rollers).
  • Open the duplex and remove all the jammed paper attached to it.
  • Reinstall the duplex, then follow the instructions on the LCD screen to remove the error message.

Document Stuck On Automatic Document Feeder

If you experience document bottleneck issues with the Automatic Documents Supplier (ADF), follow these instructions to resolve the issue.

  • Cancel all your print jobs.
  • Delete your original document on the ADF and open the ADF cover.
  • Remove all pages of jammed paper.
  • then open the document cover and remove the jammed page indicated.
  • Close the document cover and lift the ADF input tray.
  • Carefully remove the jammed page, closing the ADF input tray back to its original position.
  • Reload your original document and follow the instructions on the LCD screen to remove the error message, check for other bottleneck solutions.

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